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    We are so excited to bring our knowledge and professionalism to this new stage, it is a unique experience that can enjoy those music lovers and dream to become true professionals. We are plenty sure that this new headquarters in Miami undoubtedly will be the perfect place to make your DeeJay dream come true. Is here where you can turn your passion into a profession and be part of our family Mix Masters.

    Our personalized instruction allows our students to continually advance during each training process getting our main objective in each level of learning. World-renowned DJ’s are part of our staff, further strengthening our brand and giving assurance of our process in every step we take offering to our students the most competitive level in the industry.


    Stage 1


    INVESTMENT $ 659.00

    Mix Masters preserves the essence of vinyl and the turntables, this is the most important reason because our process begins there. Get to know the most used dj equipment in industry and familiarize with each of them, learning from basics connection to the complexity of initial processes such as perfect mix, beats, bars and rhythms.


    Stage 2


    INVESTMENT $ 659.00

    Now it’s time to improve the technique and bring to perfection. This is the stage that your ears become more sensitive and learn to listen and differentiate the speed of the songs and their contrast. You will learn to use properly the different frequencies on each song to make a perfect mix, bringing the fusion to a higher level where the mix between 2 songs will be a new harmonious and balanced melody.


    Stage 3


    INVESTMENT $ 659.00

    Understand and handle the turntables is important in the art of being a DJ, not only to preserve the essence but also to improve your skills mixing. At this level change analog sounds to introduce the digital world. It is essential to be at the vanguard and resources of technology that allow more practical and dynamic skills for your presentations, rising to other levels of creativity, where the effects technique and skills were part of your set to create a unique and different sound.


    Mix Masters Dj Academy - Miami 

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